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Asha-Lata has been actively working, all these years, for all round development of challenged children. The first curative stage is to impart education to these children and gradually develop their other faculties. Asha-Lata Institute is working in line, following its objectives.
  • To provide education, development and rehabilitation of all categories of challenged children.
  • To create awareness regarding their education and training amongst their parents & guardians and society at large.
  • To assist, advise, support and activate the children and their parents & guardians and society at large against disability.
  • To assist, advice, support and activate the children and their parents/guardians towards their legal rights. To achieve objectives to take up individual cases and cases of public interest.
  • To organize socio-cultural and health-care programs for these children.
  • To organize economic-generation programs for betterment of their life.
Asha-Lata Institute (Kendra) is running a school for specially challenged children where all types of challenged children are getting education from class I to XII which is very rare in Disability Sector. We also monitor student's progress after class XII and give them support and guidance till they are properly rehabilitated in the main stream of the society.
  • Asha-Lata has started professional course in computer (O-Level) those disabled children who have passed class XII and could not go for higher study. This course will help for better opportunities for Govt. Job and self employment. This course is free of cost. In the first batch 16 disable children took admission and they are regularly taking classes.
  • Towards implementation of Disability Act 1995 which provides 3% job-opportunity to disabled persons, Asha-Lata takes pride of its implementation by appointing four teachers and one non-teaching staff from disability group which is about 17% of our strength.
These children need special health care. In view of this, Asha-Lata is keeping constant vigil on their health.

Regular Healthcare & preventive checkup programs are organized in school campus. Besides specialized treatment available in BGH, other facilities are also made available to Specially able children of ASHA-LATA.

1.   Free outdoor treatment at BSL Sarva Swasthya Kendra under CSR to all Students, Teachers and staffs.
2.   Students of Asha-Lata are getting free medical services at Muskan Hospital, Chas also.
3.   Dr. B.N. Mahto, M.B.B.S. Retired Dy-Director (Medical Services) Bokaro Steel Plant, is visiting the school regularly and taking care of their health needs.
4.   Dr. M.M. Prasad, (Homeopath) also visits regularly and takes care of health of children, teachers and provides free medicine.
5.   Sri Ashok Kumar, Speech Therapist from Bokaro General Hospital also visits Asha-Lata at regular intervals to examine deaf & dumb students.
6.   Physiotherapy unit is operational, helping disabled children in overcoming their disabilities under guidance of a Therapist
7.   Medical health camps are also being organized from time to time by different organizations.
8.   The Management of Muskan Hospital, Chas,Bokaro Steel City has signed a M.O.U with ASHA-LATA for providing free treatment to all students of ASHA-LATA. They have also agreed to give 30% concession to all Teachers and Staff and their family members
Our students take active part in sports activities in District, State, and National level events
  • The Mentally retarded students take part in special Olympic and orthopedically disabled children in Para Olympic in different events. Our students have achieved remarkable feats. Five students participated in State level competition organized by Special Olympic Bharat at Jamshedpur and bagged 8 medals including one gold, six silver and one bronze.
Our students have achieved remarkable feats in the field of music also. Our four visually impaired students have done M.A in music and rehabilitated in the main stream of society. Two of them have been working in Govt. Job. Till now our students bagged 34 prizes in music programs.
  • In the State Level "On the spot painting competition" organized by Jharkhand state Council for child welfare, on 23rd August 2013 at Raj Bhawan, Ranchi, 8 students of Asha-Lata participated, 5 of them bagged prizes including 2 first, 1 second & 2 third prize.
  • In the field of cultural activities, our students are par excellence compared to with normal children. They can play music, perform dances, sing songs and organize cultural events.
  • In an unique presentation our hearing impaired children (who cannot hear music) are dancing at the song and music played by visually impaired who cannot see them dancing. The co-ordination is perfect and this rare feat is highly appreciated.
  • In one of cultural programs organized by Ranchi District Rehabilitation center, where 39 organizations working for disability sector participated, our organization was declared first among all and our children bagged 25 Medals (11 Gold, 11 silver and 3 Bronze).
  • Our students have also taken part in the group song, Spot-painting, Mono-Acting and other competitions and have bagged many prizes.
  • Presentation of cultural program by Asha-Lata has become very common in Bokaro and the quality of presentation by our children is appreciated by all.
  • Our students also take part in music competitions along with normal children and they have bagged 32 prizes.
  • A program Learn to Live together is organized by Jharkhand State Council for Child Welfare in Raj Bhawan Ranchi every year where children from different parts of Jharkhand State participate and our disable children also participate every year. This year one of our visually impaired student Mahendra Diggar stood first in entertainment program.
  • ASHA-LATA aims at self-employment of specially able children. We organize vocational training through different sources.
  • Our children are being trained in, book-binding, stitching, printing, Hardware Training and knitting. One of our girl students has dibe Beautician's course and running a beautiparlour.
  • For providing better opportunities in Govt. jobs and self employment, to those disabled children, who have passed class XII and could not go for higher study. Asha-Lata has started professional course in computer (O-Level) free of cost. In the first batch 20 disabled children took admission and they are regularly attending classes.
  • This Organization always strives for self-employment and in this context, for the first time, 51 disable student of ASHA-LATA above 18 Years of age have put their hands together to form a co-operative Asha Viklang VikasSahyog Samiti Ltd. The members of this Co-operative, the only one of its kind in Eastern India, are trying hard to make these projects a success. ASHA-LATA provide them land and other support for this project.
  • The members of the society have decided to open a Milk booth as its first project. With the financial help of Co-operative department this was opened and inaugurated by D.C Bokaro on 30th June 2010 and the result is very encouraging. Seven disabled children are employed in this project with monthly salary and other will get dividend.
  • The second project is Modern Physio-Therapy Hall which is catering to the need of one disabled children. The members of this Co-operative, the only one of its kind in Eastern India, are trying hard to make these projects a success. Asha-Lata provide them land and other support for this project.
With the efforts, support and guidance of Asha-Lata following persons with disability have been rehabilitated and joined the main stream of the society.
 Sl.No  Name  Disability  People
01. Radha Krishna (H.I) Photo Framing
02. Vijay Kumar (H.I) Grocery Shop
03. Arun Kumar (H.I) Lab. Technician
04. Ashok Kumar (H.I) Married with normal girl, Agriculture
05. Dinesh Kr. Mandal (H.I) Pvt. Teacher
06. Sudipt Paul (H.I) Painting + Comp. Operator
07. Niraj Kr. (H.I) Pvt. Job in Delhi
08. Sunil Kr. Mishra (H.I) Food Supplier
09. Sanoj Kr. (O.H) Radio, T.V Repairing
10. Shivendra Kr. (V.I) Married with normal girl, Music Teacher (Railway)
11. Shri Bhagwan (V.I) Married with normal girl, Music Teacher (Central School)
12. Shambhu Kr. Gupta (V.I) Asstt. Teacher in Asha-Lata
13. Ragni Prasad (H.I) Married with Normal Person
14. Tony Kumar (H.I) Married with Normal Person
15. Vijay Kr. (V.I) Chair Canning
16. Arun Kr. Sharma (M.R) Night Guard and Married with normal girl.
17. Pushp Raj (H.I) Works Manager
18. Ghanshyam Kr. Singh (V.I) Special Teacher in Gaya Blind School
19. Parul Kumari (V.I) Social Worker, Married with normal person.
20. Urmila Kumari (O.H) Teacher in Govt. School of Bihar, Married with normal person.
21. Pankaj Kr. (H.I) Indian Railway, Married with normal girl.
22. Pancham Kumari (O.H) Anganwari Sewika in Jharkhand Govt.
23. Lakhan Napit (H.I) Pvt. Job
24. Raju Prasad Soni (H.I) Working in Jewelry shops, Married with normal girl.
25. Nishant Nayak (V.I) Married with Normal girl.
26. Rakesh Mishra (V.I) Teacher in Govt. School of Bihar
27. Gautam Raj (H.I) Graphic Designer.
28. Rafic Ansari (V.I) Married with Normal girl & shopkeeper.
29. Ravindra Kr. (O.H) Supervisor in Zaika Pvt. Ltd
30. Sanjog Kr. (O.H) Fruit whole seller
 Sl.No  Name  Disability  People
31. Upendra Kr. (V.I) Pvt. Job
32. Rajesh Kr. (O.H) Vegetable merchant
33. Lalita Kumari (O.H) Married with normal person.
34. Naveen Kr. (O.H) Pvt. Job
35. Vimal Kr. (O.H) Vegetable merchant
36. Sunil Kr. Sinha (V.I) Music Teacher in Asha-Lata, Married with normal girl.
37. Sharda Kumari (O.H) Chairman in Co-operative Society, running cybercafé, Married with normal person.
38. Dharmendra Kr. (O.H) Secretary in Co-operative Society
39. Manoj Kr. (V.I) Music Teacher in Asha-Lata
40. Parveen Kr. (O.H) Accountant in Co-operative Society
41. Rakesh Kr. (M.R) Salesman co-operative
42. Jawahar Lal Gope (O.H) Salesman in Milk Booth
43. Rahul Kr. (O.H) Salesman in Milk Booth
44. Sabiha Khatoon (H.I) Married with Normal Person
45. Anjum Arah (H.I) Married with normal person.
46. Mantosh Kr. (V.I) Computer Teacher in Patna
47. Chandrakant Thakur (V.I) Computer Teacher in Patna
48. Putul Kumari (O.H) Stitching
49. Pradeep Kr (M.R) Salesman in Grocery Shop
50. Sunil Kumar (M.R) Jewelry Designer
51. Sweeti Kumari (H.I) Diploma in Comp. Science, Married with normal person
52. Pankaj Saran (M.R) Salesman Sahara Shop
53. Surya Narayan (V.I) Married with disable girl
54. Vikas Kr. Prajapati (V.I) Married with normal girl
55. Amritesh Kr. Jha (H.I) Married with normal girl.
56. Anil Kumar (M.R) Married with normal girl
57. Nirmala Kumari (O.H) Indian Railway Employee.
58. Shourav Kr. Mishra (H.I) Computer Work, Ranchi
59. Shovik Ietch (H.I) Fine Art, New Delhi
60. Rajesh Kumar (H.I) Data Entry, Banglore
61. Sudhir Prasad (H.I) Computer Tally Account, Bokaro

These children essentially need transport facilities from their home to school and back. Bokaro Steel Plant has provided two rental trekkers for this purpose. All poor students of Asha-Lata are provided with free transport from their home to School and back in all working days and special programs.

The present transport facility is falling short of the requirement and needs to be augmented so that more members of challenged children can join the school.

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